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El 07 de enero - Navidad Etiope.
El 01 marzo - Fundación del Congreso Negro Internacional Etíope Africano.
El 21 de abril - Haile Selassie I, visita Jamaica"Groundation".
El 23 de julio - Nacimiento de Haile Selassie I.
El 01 de agosto - Proclamación de la libertad de los esclavos africanos en occidente (1834-1838).
El 17 de agosto - Nacimiento de Marcus Garvey.
El 11 de septimbre - Año nuevo Etiope.
El 02 de noviembre - Dia de la coronocacion de Selassie I.

martes, 3 de abril de 2012

Fly Away Home (Ras Solomon feat Silqe,Ezra) Reality Shock

"Fly Away Home" is the result of a typical evening at Reality Shock Studio.. spontaneous, natural & unplanned, the song & video came about in a matter of hours when Ras Solomon AKA James Brown, a veteran roots reggae singer from London UK, made his first visit to Kris Kemist's infamous studio. Instantly the vibes came together & instrument after instrument was laid down, creating a 100% live, organic & rhythmical soundscape. With the creative energies in full flow, Kemist even recorded instruments made out of household objects such as ash trays, chopsticks & even breathing down the microphone, as he explained "the song begins with the breath & heartbeat". Once the riddim & vocals were laid down by Solomon, two local artists who happened to be in the studio at the time: Silqe (an upcoming UK rapper) & Ezra (an RnB/soul singer) also touched the mic, creating a union of different musical worlds. The whole production process was documented by Spencer of Katch Bullet Video Productions, who over the last few years has become a regular follower & supporter of the Reality Shock family. Together Katch Bullet & Reality Shock are currently working on a feature length DVD documentary project (release yet date to be announced). Stay tuned to for more news & projects coming soon........

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