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El 07 de enero - Navidad Etiope.
El 01 marzo - Fundación del Congreso Negro Internacional Etíope Africano.
El 21 de abril - Haile Selassie I, visita Jamaica"Groundation".
El 23 de julio - Nacimiento de Haile Selassie I.
El 01 de agosto - Proclamación de la libertad de los esclavos africanos en occidente (1834-1838).
El 17 de agosto - Nacimiento de Marcus Garvey.
El 11 de septimbre - Año nuevo Etiope.
El 02 de noviembre - Dia de la coronocacion de Selassie I.

viernes, 30 de septiembre de 2011

Nice Up The Dance

Second release from the all-new NICE UP! Records...and just to remind you...we've gone legit! That's right, we're on the straight and narrow and have decided to not release any more mash-ups on the label and focus on pushing real artists, all still with that NICE UP! flavour, such as The Nextmen single from earlier this year. We've got a HEAP of new music in the pipeline from people such as Monkey Mafia, Mr Benn, Turntable Dubbers & The Dirty Dubsters, as well as some up-and-coming producers that we're expecting big things from.

First up, here's a massive tune from Black Samurai featuring Daddy Freddy & The Ragga Twins from a few years back (you can still cop the original 12" here), with some new remixes for 2011. Benny Page, Jstar & The Heavy all do the business on this release, which is sure to be bunnin up a dancefloor near you soon.

Black Samurai - Information Critic (Remixes) NUP001 by NICEUPrecords

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