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El 23 de julio - Nacimiento de Haile Selassie I.
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El 02 de noviembre - Dia de la coronocacion de Selassie I.

domingo, 23 de enero de 2011

Set Him Free (Buju Banton Tribute)


There is three sides to every story

Why judgest I in the court of public opinion

You were the one who said innocent until proven guilty, then

Why use your tongue to execute me. Take it from Papa Biggy

I man asking for mercy and compassion

Try know the truth before you judge the man

The authorities charge him for conspiracy

Mek him defend himself before the judge and jury.


Gargamel ~ Buju Banto we pray for thee

Whoa Whoa, Gargamel ~ Buju Banton ~ we pray for thee

I hear the people dem bawling, set him free

I hear the people dem calling, set him free

I hear the people dem bawling, set him free and send him back home to we.


To the authorities this is my urgent plea

Until proven guilty beg you set him free

If we no see no improvement or no progress

We a take it to the House of Parliament an Congress [CHORUS]

This native son from off a the rock

We will never forget you never turn our back

Nough no want hear the artiste a preach and a teach

So them penalize the artiste fi freedom of speech [CHORUS]

The authorities call it incarceration

But John Public see it as persecution

How much more prophet afi sacrifice

Before my people open up their eyes.


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Set Him Free

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